Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Macro of Citrus limonium

It is an easy to photograph a sliced lemon fruits; however here getting an interesting macro photography might require immense efforts, which, of course, would be the point. 

I used the knowledge of macro photography to make it very easy for the novice to understand the creative concepts needed to shoot. This is indoor picture and main feature required for the shot is light. As long as I have good strong light I can do this kind of setup and unleash an infinite amount of creative possibilities. Though light is an important component for the shot, it does create a problem – namely harsh shadows. To solve this problem the reflector comes in handy by redirecting light onto areas that are shaded.

Everybody knows lemon is available in the market but nobody knows about its story and characteristics. Just a brief, it is a small and straggling tree about 11 feet high, irregularly branched, the bark varying in color from clear grey on the trunk, green on the younger branches to a purplish color on the twigs. The evergreen leaves are ovate-oval, about two inches long, the margin serrate with sharp spines in the axils of the stalks. 

Closer angle

Closer angle

Closer angle

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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