Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Words from Bhutanese Gold Medalist

On 10th December, I met with Master Ugyen Wangchuk, a Bhutanese Fourth Dan black belt Karate Master on his way back from Japan, who recently won Gold Medal in World Suzuki Karate Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan.

Getting to know marshal art is not an easy game, yet through is hard work and his collective patience made him to win international Gold Medal in Karate. As I know, he is an enthusiast master, who consistently advocates Karate for future Bhutanese.

He said, Karate is great exercise, a competitive sport, body building physique, technique, discipline, self-esteem and confidence. More than a medal, he was happy to gain new skills and experiences that he can use to train his students back at home. 

Master Ugyen Wangchuk

Master Ugyen Wangchuk

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