Saturday, December 7, 2013

Riding motorcycle in Bangkok

Bangkok has become destination for most of the people around the world and one of the hassles of living in Bangkok is the traffic. The city is almost always jammed and you can never find a taxi when you’re in a hurry. However one of the fastest ways to travel around the city is to ride a motorcycle taxi. It has become essential part of the transportation and probably local peoples are highest users of motorcycle taxis, and just few brave foreigners landed up trying this. They are easily spotted by their orange vested on the street ideally suited for short trips and don’t travel all over the city like a cab.

They drive wrong side of the road in an effort to get you there just bit faster and even pop onto a sidewalk. I noticed that drivers of other vehicles rarely care about motorcyclists, even if they do understand that having to brake hard on wet roads is likely to cause a trip to hospital. One should remember that, Bangkok is a clogged city and riding motorcycle taxi can be dangerous, but so far, I have been lucky. 

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