Thursday, August 30, 2012

Card swipe for smart phone

This is another shift from cash-based to card-based transaction system launched by Visa International Thailand. Anyone can process his or her cards through this payment platform, which has a tiny magnetic card reader that attaches to a smart phone. This functions as a card reader, which turns a smartphone or tablet into a secure acceptance point-of-sale device via a card swipe. An accessory can be plugged into the phone allowing merchants to accept payments by Visa credit and debit cards in any location.

No paper will be used as a slip for payment and no need to wait for a receipt, sign on the screen and sends a copy of payment record straight to your e-mail. I personally feel, that the movement is to attract the new generations, who wishing to make online purchases. And for many who are wishing to make online purchases, they have no choice but to borrow their parent’s credit card. 

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