Monday, September 3, 2012

Phishing Scam

Another new scam e-mail arrived in my inbox. While this email is a phishing attack with its immediate purpose to brain wash if I am so innocent. The subject line didn’t give it away and it is said simply, “from Anita.” The ruse was dead obvious to me, but I’ve been in this game a long time and I’ve got my guard up. It is interesting to dig into the guts of a scam email like this one. On the other hand, the email itself was ridiculously brazen and almost laughably as it reads under;

Hello Tashi,
Good Morning, I am very sorry telling you my experience I felt empting myself to you and to have confidence in you, My Ernest prayer is that you find this mail in good health, I know that Internet has been greatly abused over the recent years and is very unsecured for information of vital importance.
I am Anita Autara 17years old a Medical Student of Bassam, I lost my family because of political crisis in Cote d'Ivoire, I have decided to take the chance seeing that no other means could have been faster and more efficient than the e-mail before my late father death he disclosed to me that he deposited the sum of $6.5 million dollars in a fixed deposit account which I am the next of kin. 
Please I humbly need your assistance to help me get this money transferred to your account, to serve as my guardian and to make an arrangement for me to come over after the inheritance is transferred into your account.

From Anita

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