Friday, January 18, 2013

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

My fellow mates and I started talking about the next step, the organic chemistry courses. My senior students talked about how complex and difficult the subject is, I started feeling extremely nervous. I had really enjoyed my general chemistry classes, but many of my seniors said that the two courses were not related at all. My nervousness increased and the nightmare of failing the course started to wander around my head. 
First day of organic chemistry classes arrived sooner than I expected and, as I was sitting in the classroom waiting for my professor Dr. Martin to come. I had an eye-opening moment and realized that there was no evidence to suggest that I would not like organic chemistry just as well. Not only that, but I realized how important chemistry is to the understanding of biological processes. Dr. Martin taught us that organic chemistry is not a science requirement that should make students afraid of chemistry or discourage further chemistry studies, but is the study of how molecules interact in special and unique ways. 
Beside, he helped all of us understand organic chemistry with jokes, by telling us about his own experiences, and writing everything down in the whiteboard so we could understand each word and it’s importance. Everybody in our class was touched by Dr. Martin’s approach to teaching organic chemistry; he made the lectures so enjoyable. Not only made lectures different and interesting, but he also made the laboratories unique and incredible. The laboratory gave me confidence in my knowledge that I use in my everyday life. 
This not only gave me the greatest confidence to pass the class, but it also influenced my decision to belief myself that I am a great chemist. I believe that what makes a professor unforgettable is that he or she helps the students understand the material by making it fun, useful for everyday life.

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