Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ignorant Tourists in Erawan National Park

The noticeboard displayed at main entrance of Erawan National Park clearly pronounces, “Please follow the rules and regulations including good aspects of the culture”. I clearly understood that, the notice is urging all tourists to keep their clothes on when they travel to park and I appreciated the management for taking steps to curb down the disrespectful behavior of tourists by not respecting the cultural norms. 

However, people knowingly break the rules relating to prohibition of any activities in public places. May be they are ignorant since they know the punishment for breaking such rubrics will be a very negligible. Actually, those rules are set to discipline the visitors, otherwise there will be all chaos and disorder if there is no rules and regulations.  


  1. Sorry for the typo - * maybe they can't read...

  2. Same here, I have been to Erawan and observed same thing as you spotted. I think, those tourists are really orthodox and really embarrassing.